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  Taban Khajeehnassiri - 2016

M87's Galaxy Black hole image is fake

Taban Khajehnassiri: M87's Galaxy Black hole image is fake

My open Letter to the world media on

False, Fraud and Fake presentation of the image of the M87 galaxy's black hole by NASA and NSF, the National Science Foundation of the United States of America

They say if we ourselves can not see black holes, we can see and record their shadow.

M87's Galaxy Black hole image is fake

In March 21st, a press conference convened at the US's National Science Foundation, NSF, and the session was broadcast to the world in which NASA and the National Science Foundation of the United States succeeded to announce after a decade of hard continuous work by a group of about 200 astrophysicists from the most prestigious scientific and research centers around the world have achieved the first image of the M87 galaxy's black hole after a series of experiments for more than a decade. After three years of gathering information and image data from the shadow photons flowing out of the given event horizon of the black hole of the Galaxy M87 and the picture is totally as well as digitally has been gained.

Thanks to the Internet the news of such important event, whose pictures and video clips, were quickly released worldwide, was a surprising event, even up to the present time, many people, especially scholars and scientists and all those who are interested in space and galaxies and black holes, are all still studying and talking about it.

After holding that important news conference - which was somehow very sudden and unexpectedly unexpected for unclear reasons, the first posting of the first "image from the M87 galaxy's black hole" (the attached picture) was broadcast immediately and was featured almost immediately on many sites, news agencies and news outlets all around the world.

Two months ago, when the United States unveiled this image, it coincided with the time when I was exposing the New Horizons activities on the edge of our Solar System in a series of posts on Facebook and Twitter on the case and of shooting laser beams from the New Horizons spacecraft to the Sun and publishing some of my information and documents, my pictures and charts in this regard. It was very sudden NASA and National Science Foundation to convene a session that was a very unexpected and in an almost unannounced manner - as far as I know and follow all these sort of news on a daily basis for almost more than 15 years - the press conference suddenly came to annouce taking that picture from the black hole of the M87 galaxy, which quickly wrapped up and pressed the horn of the whole mainstreams and media. The description of how these scientists did it and how this image was made is an extremely complicated and extraordinarily strange task and talk, beyond this brief text and report and yet it is almost unbelievable for me and quite surely for many other space enthusiasts, researchers and astrophysics researchers. It can be said that NASA and the United States, as well as the National Science Foundation, the main organizations quickly launched news footages and interviews, and at the news conference, all the top managers and professors of the astronomy community were summoned to explain how this photo was made. A topic that is somewhat complicated and scientifically confused by ordinary people and people of different walk of life and societies.

On the same day, when I saw the picture for the very first time, I thought somethig is wrong with that, given the strange attractiveness of the image, the whole presented perfection, since it is so much complete, and given the sudden press conference and the pace of sudden features, to me the image sounded somewhat suspicious. Considering the whole thing as one another giant leap for mankind, I mean all the news and facts I receive on a daily basis, I thought these scientic monsters were doing something to distract the public attention from something, I do not know a special political or social event ... I did not get it very accurate at that time, but I said to myself, for some reasons coming to my mind, it's not possible to do that with such quality. If it was possible, it could never be so perfect, so beautiful and flawless.

Noting to the fact that the distance between the galaxy M87 from the Earth is about 53 to 55 million light-years away, that is, the light coming from the galaxy to us, takes about 53 to 55 million years, reaching the shadow of the photons fleeing from the event horizon of that huge black hole event of this galaxy moving back to Earth is itself something debatable.

There is a famous saying that says "the universe does not allow perfection". This is so wonderfully true on the scale of so many planets, stars, clusters, and galaxies and nebulas as well as any kind of being out there. Why do we go so far? Take for instace what we find even on this blue and green planet, precious stones like natural and original diamonds, all of which have flaws and impurities ... You can not find any two stones, planets or stars or nebulas like each other, and the same is true for the galaxies of the universe. Considering and bearing this to the mind, I say, I believe that it is impossible to build an image like that from the given distance and achieving such an almost flawless image to such an extent perfect in about three years according to the authorities of NSF in the press conference - but what else can we say that is the extensive NASA organization and the great National Science Foundation of The United States of America and it is the 50th anniversary of the landing of the man on the moon!

From that day, on any chance and time I got and found, I started and continued researching and studying all the photos, videos, texts and articles related to the galactic black hole projects, and especially the galaxy M87. I read and saw that as I said last week we can now sit down to see the controversial picture and get close more precisely. I met the above picture with the very principle of the galaxy's own photos (the distance is very large, about 53 to 55 million light years away from our planet Earth). Then I noticed that somehow our angle of our point of view from Earth seems somewhat misleading. But this is not something I can judge or even talk about it, it's an extraordinarily complex matter and a separate task, it requires a very sophisticated science, and many different measures must be taken to prove it with precision tools and well-equipped laboratories etc.

I checked all the photos and especially the photo above ... so blurred - when I looked at the picture abruptly, in one of two points of the image, I saw the edges of some pixelations and roughs, which completely suddenly showed up within this photo that it is all touched and edited with Photoshop (or similar programs). I wrote this as posts two days ago when my account was still active on Facebook, and I went back to the photo and began to study it more carefully with various tools I had until yesterday morning suddenly in the right side of the m87 object and the picture itself I saw a weird texture of lattice, a grid or net or something like bridal lattice veil in the background underneath or over mixed with the hole object. I believe the discovery is somehow much more interesting than the discovery of the black hole of the m87 galaxy itself. How could they do that to the world?

The National Science Foundation of America and NASA, at the press conference, explicitly stated that this image has been thoroughly compiled from digital data integration over the past three years, and the whole data is all from several radiotelescopes located in different parts of the world and in s form of one giant dish being matched to the size of the whole planet Earth which is centered at a point in the heart of Europe, and this is basically the main reason that the image is so attractive, so pure and perfect.

Download and Zoom in My discovery - the observation of a lace texture in different parts of the photo - shows that this is not the case, and this photo (featured here) is completely fake and fictitious, and is taken through passing an industry or may I say professionality that does not know any thing about the universe at all when we say it does not allow perfection at all, what is being presented is photographed and manipulated and edited with Photoshop. Zoom in to the image yourself and see it with your eyes and ask image processing professionals to comment on this.

With great sorrow, in a very popular phrase, I have to say that with this discovery, I succeeded in revealing and disclosing the disgusting lies of NASA and the National Science Foundation before the eye of the world prior and avoiding it have faded for almost 50 more years later by writing this brief report. Explained to a number of domestic and foreign news sites, including some domestic and foreign news agencies, such as Press TV and magazines such as Time and Newsweek, and several others, I believe I have done my part I leave the rest to you to elaborate.

This morning, I realized that all my uploaded photos have been changed on my Twitter account and they have blurred them all the more they could possibly do so that noone can see the pixelations, the misterious lace, the big mess. They cover it up from the eyes of the people of the world and the United States of America by limiting my accounts on Twitter and Facebook etc.

On Twitter ... a series of shimmering photos that are somehow larger than the original image put instead of the original photos on which none can see the truth to claim any false and fake measure in this all blured the image at all. The image have been completely broken up, distorted and changed so that noone can see what I have seen at all. :) (: But at the same time, In fact, excuse me, in the language of ll my stupidity, all my words and claims were confirmed by these stupid acts and measures beforehand I even start penning and inking this official text, note or report whatsoever you want to call it.

Ordinary people, ordinary Internet users are not experts in such incredibly complex disciplines, such as aerospace and astrophysics. It's easy to accept and believe most of what they say most often without any trouble. The NASA and the US's National Science Foundation have been collecting billions of dollars from the American taxpayers to fund for such huge measures and research projects. That is why they have to report regularly and eventually show something acceptable that they are still on the track... The fake image was taken from something like an object (a donut or a navel of a chubby person etc.) is a process of an industrial photographical image - touched, retouched and produced with the help of editing tools like Photoshop on it indeed very professionally). What I noticed later After we disclose it on the web, Twitter, Google, and perhaps other social networks, are now quickly and completely in a scrambled way deleting, changing and bluring all related images to M87 galaxy black hole with pictures and images somehow more opaque, blured and even larger than what was before and the whole idea has become more distorted and much messed up, another stupid act of such huge companies and/or corporations.

Now and then, it's time for some true scientific and independent journalism to take charge and find out what is the whole truth and what is behind the scenes.

Taban Khajehnassiri



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